Thematic Investing in the
Fastest Growing Next Billion People


The Asian Growth Cubs ETF is an active, thematic ETF focused on five large, fast-growing yet historically difficult-to-access equity markets located in Asia spanning over 860m people: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam.

The IMF expects Emerging Asia to be the fastest-growing region in the world between 2020-26, driven by young, educated, digitally enabled, and growing middle-class populations.


5 large yet historically inaccessible markets with low foreign shareholder participation and low ETF coverage


Aim to invest in the fastest growing next billion people, based in the highest growth countries in the highest growth region (IMF)


Actively managed strategy concentrated on Healthcare, TMT, FMCG and the growing consumer middle-class


Diversifies away from the large EM indices (e.g. MSCI EM Index) to large nascent EM growth opportunities


Led by an experienced growth markets investor and supported by the leading third-party ETF issuer

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