About Dawn Global

We’re pioneering a new and fast-growing investment management category. We believe investors increasingly seek differentiated, less correlated and thoughtfully constructed active thematic strategies. We offer these strategies through accessible and affordable investment vehicles, with unprecedented access to full research and fund transparency. We are dedicated to active thematic ETF investing through innovative, structurally growing, and unpenetrated investment strategies.

Why are ETFs the Superior Investment Vehicle?

Exchange Traded Funds behold structural advantages over Mutual Funds


Intra-day liquidity instead of end of day liquidity

Tax Efficiency

Less underlying transactions can mean less tax leakage


Ongoing, not end of year, and paid on “qualified” basis for lower tax rate

Capital Gains

Delayed capital gains realization extends compounding

Stock Lending

ETF Holdings can be lent out and generate revenue during holding period

Active ETFs

Index-agnostic approach allows discretionary and thoughtful security selection, anchored in investment research


Passive ETFs

Index-driven approach tracking an external index, devoid of any investment discretion or research by the product issuer

“The active ETF market is still in its early days ... I believe active ETFs will be transformative for the industry.”

Tim Armour, Chairman & CEO Capital Group, a leading active investment management firm

“Right before he died, Jack Bogle (of Vanguard fame) said index/passive funds were too great a percentage of the market … there should be a shift towards active investment. Passive has gone too far.”

Elon Musk, Tesla Founder & Twitter Owner

What is Dawn focused on?

Dawn builds superior active ETF investment solutions leveraging 3 pillars

Investment Strategy



What Differentiates Dawn?

Dawn constructs differentiated ETFs built on a proprietary process, targeting underpenetrated investment strategies through a robust and transparent research framework


Democratizing the equity research process via dissemination of due diligence


Full disclosure on portfolio construction process including quantitative and qualitative filters


Pioneering access to underrepresented yet innovative themes underpinned with secular growth drivers


Inferior pricing compared to non-ETF strategies offering comparable themes

Investment Themes

Dawn Global is launching products that will give access to three emerging themes

Next Generation Emerging Markets

Exposure to the
fastest growing
rising economies


Coming soon

Biotech &

Coming soon

Investment Process

Dawn Global believes actively managed security selection is required to identify the most compelling investment opportunities, while systematic portfolio construction mitigates single country and company risk

Risk Controls


Quarterly investment reviews


Systematic company weighting within two liquidity tiers


Semi-annual rebalancing and country concentration limits


Maurits Pot

Founder & CEO


Emerging Markets


Digital Marketing



Maurits started his career at Goldman Sachs in Mergers & Acquisitions and between 2016-2021 was a public and private equity investment partner at Kingsway Capital, a multi-billion dollar frontier emerging markets investment fund. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Middlebury College and has travelled to over 95 countries.

Research & Insights

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